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Online Banking

Online Banking is safe, secure, confidential, and gives you convenient access to your accounts anytime, anywhere. Check your account and loan balances, review recent account activity, make transfers between accounts, pay bills (write fewer checks!) and more!

Access Online Banking
Online Banking is easy to access. Visit and click the Log In button. Enter your User ID, Random Code and password into the fields provided.

Download the Mobile App
View your account information, deposit checks and transfer funds with the mobile app anytime, anywhere. Search ‘City & County Credit Union’ in your app store to download the app.

Online Banking Features

Multi-Factor Authentication
For the safety & security of your account, City & County Credit Union requires Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) when logging in to online banking. To verify your identity when logging in from a new computer, you’ll be sent a one-time code by text or phone call. 


Get up-to-the-minute account balances, loan balances and account history on the account summary page. You can also gain access to credit card information and view Cash Perks offers. The Summary page may be your start page.  

It’s easy to transfer money between your credit union accounts (savings, checking or loans). All your online banking transactions are secure.

Scheduled Transfers
View any transfers you have set up for a future date or on a recurring basis.

Your monthly account statement and other notices can be viewed online! Save time and increase account security by receiving your statement and notices electronically instead of by mail. By choosing to view your statement online, you help us save paper, postage and other natural resources.

Export History
To help manage your finances, online banking offers the ability to download your account information. Easily export account information directly into your personal financial management software or export to a Comma Separated Value (CSV) file.


Make the Dashboard your start page and see more options on one screen! Account balances and details, your SavvyMoney Credit Score, the option for transfers and payments, Cash Perks, view messages and alerts and more are all found on the Dashboard. You can move the sections to wherever you want them on your screen to personalize your view.

Pay Bills

Bill Pay
CCCU members with a checking account are eligible to use Bill Pay. Looking for an easier and secure way to make payments? Use Bill Pay, a convenient way to pay your bills through the mobile app or online banking all in one place. With Bill Pay you can pay almost anyone. Send single payments or schedule ongoing payments from a list of established companies, or add your own. You can even send a check to an individual. You’ll enjoy the convenience and security knowing your payments are made on time and without the hassle of checks, stamps, mailboxes or logging in to multiple sites.

Send Money

With just a mobile phone number or email, send money to your family or friends from your City & County checking account with Send Money. Recipients get an instant notice & can accept the cash by debit card or their bank account. To use Send Money, you must have an active City & County debit card.

Online Services

Check Withdrawal
Request a check be sent from your account. The next business day after your check request, a check made payable to the primary member will be mailed to the address on the account.

Check Copy
Request a copy of a cleared paper check. Your account will be charged the applicable fee.

Check Reorder
If you’ve ordered checks through City & County for your most recent order of checks, we have your reorder information available for review and simple reorder.

Stop Payment
You may place a stop payment on personal checks.

Alerts and Messages
Sign up for important alerts delivered directly to your mobile phone or email. This free service lets you set up alerts customized to your preference. Secure messages you have sent are found on the Sent Messages tab. You can also send us a secure message by choosing the “Create New Secure Message” button at the bottom of the screen.

Direct Deposit Information
Gain access to your checking account MICR number which you’ll use, along with CCCU’s routing number, when setting up direct deposit to your account. You’ll need to verify your identity via a code or by answering a multi-factor authentication question before the screen will display. Call us for direct deposit information to your savings account.

My Credit Score
With City & County Credit Union’s FREE credit score brought to you by SavvyMoney, you can access your credit score, full credit report, credit monitoring, goal setting, financial tips & so much more! You can do all this without impacting your score.

About Security

Online Banking Safety
We have taken all appropriate measures to ensure that CCCU online banking is secure and that your account information remains private. You also play a role in protecting your information. Your online banking User ID and Password should only be used when you are on a secure network. We recommend you use a current browser version so you benefit from the most up-to-date internet security available. After you finish any website session that included viewing or sending private information you should log out of online banking and close your browser window.

Security Tips

  • Never reveal your PIN or password. This includes your ATLIS PIN or the password you selected when you signed up for online banking.
  • Use the Logout icon to end an online banking session. This will expire all cookies that were set in your session.
  • The amount of time you can remain inactive before being automatically logged out of online banking can be set under “User Options”. For your own security, keep this time setting as short as possible.
  • We recommend you balance your account at least once a month so that any discrepancies can be reported to us in a timely manner.

Unable to log in to Online Banking

Accessing the Login Page
If you can view our website, but are unable to access online banking, it may indicate a problem accessing all secure websites.

If you are using an updated browser and are still experiencing a problem, the problem may lie with your Internet Service Provider. This is particularly common with employer-based access to the internet. Your employer may have firewalls, proxy servers or other equipment that may prevent access to secure sites.

Contact your company’s IT Department regarding the problem or try accessing online banking from another location.

When reporting problems to us, please have as much information ready as possible (e.g. when the problem occurred, browser version, the type of device you were using, etc.).

Forgot User ID and/or Password

Forgot User ID
Use your member number as your User ID. You may personalize your User ID within online banking by clicking on the ‘User Options’ tab and then ‘Change User ID.’

Forgot Password
Use the “Forgot Password” link on the login screen or contact us for assistance.

We do not have access to your password. In the case of a forgotten password, please use the “Forgot Password” link or contact us to reset your password.

Common Error Messages
The following errors may occur when accessing online banking:

  • Account verification error. Your password is incorrect. Verify the password and re-enter it. Check to make sure the Caps Lock is not on. Passwords are case-sensitive; the Caps Lock may alter the way your password is being entered.
  • The account has been locked. You have had too many invalid login attempts. As a security measure, online banking will allow three invalid password attempts and will lock out the account on the fourth try. To reset your password, please use our password reset option or contact us for assistance.
  • We’re sorry, we are unable to process your request at this time. Online banking is temporarily down for system maintenance. Try again periodically. If the message is displayed repeatedly, contact us.


Error Messages – To show us the exact error message that you are receiving, display the error message on your screen then press Print Screen on your computer’s keyboard. This will transfer the image to your clipboard which can then be pasted into a Word document or other application.

When experiencing an error message, try the following steps before contacting your financial institution:

  1. Clear the cache, reload, or refresh.
  2. Close the browser.
  3. Retry.

After trying this if you continue to see the error message, contact us.

When reporting problems to us, please have as much information ready as possible (e.g. when the problem occurred, browser version, etc.).

Unsuccessful Transfer(s) – If a transfer is unsuccessful you will be given a reference number. Chat with us or call us and a Member Connections Specialist will assist you in finding out why your transfer was not successful.

I’ve opened Quicken and tried to connect to download; it doesn’t work. How can I do this?
To export your transactions, click on the Accounts tab, then click “Export History”.

  1. Choose the account and the dates you would like to export history for.
  2. Select Quicken Web Connect as your Export format, and click the Export button. Do this for each account you wish to export.
  3. Open Quicken. The exported history items will be uploaded.

It takes so long to download data, my session times out and I have to start all over. How do I fix this?
We suggest that you increase the time limit on your connection with us. To increase the time limit choose “User Options” and then select “Change Your Timeout”.

Online Help: Accounts

The Summary within the Accounts menu shows a general overview of your account. In the Welcome section, you will find CCCU’s routing number, your Member ID, email and the address we have on file. You may click the printer icon in the upper right-hand corner to create a page formatted for saving and/or printing.

Insured Accounts Summary
The Insured Accounts Summary section displays a general overview of your insured accounts, including the account title, type, balance and available balance.

Insured accounts include:

  • Savings
  • Money markets
  • Certificates/CDs
  • Checking
  • Individual retirement accounts/IRAs

To view the details of an insured account, click on the account title. Your current transaction activity will display.

View prior month account history by clicking the More History button or select specific dates using the fields provided and then clicking More History. If you are looking at the details of your checking account, you can view a copy of the check by clicking on the check number.

Your savings are federally insured for $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration, a U.S. Government Agency and for an additional $250,000 through ESA, Excess Share Insurance.

Loan Summary
The Loan Summary section displays a general overview of your loans, including the loan title, type, balance, available balance, rate, payment and the due date.

To view the details of your loan, click on the loan title. Your current transaction activity will display.

View prior account history by selecting dates using the fields provided and clicking More History.

Credit Cards
The Credit Cards section displays an overview of your credit card account.

To view details of your credit card, click the Card Services button. You’ll be taken the credit card platform where you can:

  • Activate a new card
  • Make a balance transfer request
  • Report a lost or stolen card
  • Make a payment
  • View payment & transaction activity
  • View credit card statements

This option allows you to transfer funds between your accounts. The completion of a transfer is subject to the availability of sufficient funds in the account you are transferring from. If you do not have sufficient funds, the transaction will not be completed. If you have a cross-account transfer set up, you may also transfer funds to another member number.

To transfer funds:

  1. Click on Accounts tab.
  2. Click on the Transfers option.
  3. Select the account you would like to transfer from (only eligible accounts will appear).
  4. Select the account you would like to transfer to (only eligible accounts will appear).
  5. Enter the amount you’d like to transfer in the field provided. Do not include dollar signs or commas.
  6. Click the Transfer button.

Scheduled Transfers
You can schedule a transfer to occur on a certain date in the future. Set up the transfer to happen once or on a recurring basis. To view or modify the scheduled transfers that you have set up, click on Scheduled Transfers.

To view scheduled transfers for the current month:

  1. Click on View Current Schedule
  2. To view the next or previous months transfers, click the “Prev Month” or “Next Month” links
  3. To edit the transfer, click the transfer you wish to modify

To view a list of all scheduled transfers ordered by the next transfer date:

  1. Click on View by Next Transfer Date
  2. To edit the transfer, click the transfer you wish to modify

To add a new scheduled transfer:

Click the Create New Scheduled Transfer button and follow the prompts.

E-Statements and Tax Notices are found within E-Documents. This service allows you access to your account statements and tax notices online instead of by mail. You will receive an email notification each month when your new statement is ready to view.

To sign up for E-Documents, contact us.

View Your E-Statements
If you have already signed up for E-Statements, you will be able to view your statements here.

  1. Choose E-Documents from the Accounts menu.
  2. Click the E-Statement date you wish to view and your statement will open in a new window.

Online Help: Online Services

Check Withdrawal
This form allows you to request a check addressed to the primary owner of the account, sent to the address we have on file. The maximum check amount you can request is $5,000 per day. Verify your address by going to “User Options” and click on “Change Address/Phone Numbers”.

To request a check withdrawal:

  1. Click on the Online Services tab
  2. Select Check Withdrawal
  3. Select the account you would like to have the check withdrawn from in the drop-down menu. Only eligible accounts will be displayed.
  4. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw.
  5. Click on Submit to request the check.

Check Copy
You many request a copy of a paid check. Your check copy will be mailed within 10 business days to the address on file. Verify your address by going to "User Options" and clicking on "Change Address/Phone Numbers”. Your account will be charged the applicable fee. If your check cleared over 90 days ago, there will be an additional statement copy fee.

To request a copy of a paid check:

  1. Click the Online Services tab
  2. Select Check Copy
  3. Enter the check number
  4. Enter the amount the check was written for. Do not include dollar signs or commas.
  5. Enter the date the check cleared (month/day/year).
  6. Click the Submit button

Check Reorder
You may place an order for a new check supply online so long as there are no changes to the address or check style you’ve previously ordered through CCCU. If your address has changed since your last order of checks, visit a branch or mail your order form in with any corrections. If you proceed to order checks through this service, the checks will be printed with the same address as your last order. If any other personal information has changed, please contact the credit union directly.

To order a new check supply:

  1. Click on the Online Services menu.
  2. Click on Check Reorder and follow the onscreen instructions.

Stop Payment
You may place a stop payment on personal check. To place a stop payment on an electronic check, visit your nearest branch or contact us. A stop payment fee will be deducted from your account for each stop payment request made. The request will be valid for 6 months after the date of the request. Note: Stop payments on checks are not guaranteed until 48 hours after the date of request.

To request a stop payment:

  1. Click the Online Services menu
  2. Select Stop Payment and follow the onscreen prompts to Place a stop payment.

If you would like to view existing stop payment requests:

  1. Click on the Online Services menu
  2. Select Stop Payment
  3. Select "Review existing stop payments from the following account”.
  4. Click the Continue button
  5. All your stop payments will be displayed

Online Help: User Options

Change Address/Phone Numbers
This online form allows you to update your address and phone number(s) on file. If you have multiple membership accounts with us, you must update your contact information with each account separately. Note: Foreign addresses and phone numbers cannot be updated online, mail your request to change your address to:

City & County Credit Union
144 11th St E
Saint Paul, MN 55101

To update your address and/or phone number:

  1. Click on the User Options menu
  2. Select Change Address/Phone Numbers
  3. Enter your updated address and phone number(s) in the appropriate fields provided. Do not use symbols or special characters.
  4. Click the Confirm Changes button to receive confirmation that your information has been updated.

Change Password
This form allows you to change your PC First online banking password. Passwords must be 8-25 characters in length and use a combination of numbers, letters and symbols. Passwords must not contain your social security number, your account number or be one of your three previous passwords.

Remember, passwords are case-sensitive!

To change your password:

  1. Click the User Options menu
  2. Select Change Password
  3. Enter your current password in the “Old Password” field
  4. Enter a new password in the “New Password” field
  5. Re-enter the new password in the “Re-Enter New Password” field
  6. Click the Submit button to receive confirmation that your password has been updated

You may change your password at any time. For security purposes, it is recommended you change your password every six months. If you have forgotten your password, you may use Forgot Password on the login page to reset it or contact us for assistance.

Change Email Address
This online form allows you to view/update your email address. Your e-mail address will be used for E-Statement notifications and to provide you with product or service information that may be a potential benefit. Refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.

To change your email address:

  1. Click the User Options menu
  2. Select Change Email Address
  3. Enter your updated email address in the fields provided
  4. Click the Change Email Address button to receive a confirmation of the change

Change History Date Range
The Change History Date Range allows you to select what account history dates you would like to have displayed. By default, the current month’s history is displayed.

To change your history date range:

  1. Click the User Options menu
  2. Select Change History Date Range
  3. Choose from the options provided
  4. Click the Change Date Range button to save your change

Change Your Timeout
The Change Your Timeout feature allows you to set the number of minutes of inactivity in your online banking session before the system automatically logs you out.

To change your timeout:

  1. Click the User Options menu
  2. Select Change Your Timeout
  3. Select the number of minutes from the drop-down menu
  4. Click the Change Timeout button to save your change

Change Your Security Image

Choose a word that will display on login for your user security image. The word you choose will generate as an image. Recognizing the word you add will help you know that the website is valid. This feature is optional.

To create or update a security image:

  1. Click on User Options menu
  2. Select Change Security Image
  3. Add or modify your chosen word
  4. Click the Update Security Image button to save your change

Note: Once you create a Security Image you will always need to have one. You may change it, but will not be able to delete this feature once you have it set up.

Create Account Nickname
Personalize the account names that are displayed in digital banking for easier recognition.

To create or update an account nickname:

  1. Click the User Options menu
  2. Select Create Account Nickname
  3. Modify or add an account nickname in the field provided to the right of the default name
  4. Click the Submit button to save your changes
  5. To restore the system default name, delete the nickname from the provided field and click the Submit button to save your changes

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